Foil (semipermeable!)

photos: Riepe, Bültemann


- self adhesive, semipermeable (permeable for gas, not for liquids and bacteria)

caution: surgical drapes are not necessarily semipermeable, maceration may occur on wounds


Primary covering
- not or hardly exuding wounds

Secondary covering
- together with alginate
- together with hydrogel and foam
- for the exposure of anaesthetic creme (EMLA®)

caution: additional foil coverage reduces gas permeability of foil covered dressings, just cover the edges of the dressing with strips of foil for attachment


- parchment skin
- infections
- heavy exudation, maceration
- PAD grade IV


- always apply tension-free to skin
- for the repair of dressings non-sterile foils on rolls are available
- to remove overstretch slightly

Change of dressing

- on demand
- preferably several days duration (cost effective)

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