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low frequency ultrasound

If wound healing stagnates, search for the source!

The reactivation of stagnating chronic wounds must primarily issue further or repeated diagnostics and an adaption of the therapy of the source of the wound. Subsequently debridement and should the situation arise desinfektion follow. Thereafter a change of dressing or one of the following techniqies may be considered:

- low frequency ultrasound (LFU),

- rich plasma therapy (e.g. Harvest, Magellan),

- elektrostimulation (e.g. WoundEl),

- collagen,

- protease-binding dressings (MMP),

- growth factors,

- sympathicolysis, stimulation of the parasympathicus (e.g. P-Stim)

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The WundUhr® - WoundWatch - offers an orienting productneutral overview of the basics of phase appropiate modern wound treatment. For further information about the dressing materials we recommend to consult the manufacturers. The missing improvement of a wound within 14 days must lead to the search of an overlooked source.

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