photos: Riepe, Bültemann

contact to woundbed

soak well before removal

soft debridement


- polyacrylate containing absorbent wound dressings ("pampers-principle")
- very high water uptake, even under compression
- edge protection by vertical exudate management, prevent maceration
- rough surface allows sludge uptake, "soft" Debridement.


- heavy ans very heavy exudation
- mesh (split skin) graft protection


- dry wounds (exception: protection of young mesh graft)
- free tendons, bones
- pain on removal (add contact layer)


- superabsorber pads (10x10) achieve the uptake of up to 150 bzw 300ml
- employment unter compression is possible
- achieve contact to wound bed, by filling
- overlap wound edge well
- additional fixation by bandage
caution: conventional foils may damage skin by tension due to volume growth of the dressing

Change of dressing

- on demand after 2 to 7 days

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The WundUhr® - WoundWatch - offers an orienting productneutral overview of the basics of phase appropiate modern wound treatment. For further information about the dressing materials we recommend to consult the manufacturers. The missing improvement of a wound within 14 days must lead to the search of an overlooked source.

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